$25 Auto Unlock LLC

Cheaper Than Breaking Your Window



Prices For Service: Automotive, Residential, Commercial

Door Unlock:
Car $25 House $25 additional door +$5
Home Re-Key:
1st door $25 2nd $30 all $35
Lock install residential:
1 $35 2+/add on)$5
Car Key/Fob Programming only:
Car Key Generation:
Standard $50 Laser $75 (without chip)
Car Key Generation and Programming:
Standard $75 Laser $100*
Car Key Duplication and Program:
Standard $60  Laser $75*
Smart Key (push to start):
Call For Price
ECU Program and Flash:
$40 ready to go price.

Car key- Cut from Code provided by customer. Price will vary, call for price.
Car rekey/recode will be available on a limited basis, by car availability and options chosen (i.e. matching whole car, new vs used, or locks provided). Prices will vary, call for price. By appointment only. Some transponder keys will come with a mechanical key at no additional charge this key will not start the car it is a test  key we use so we do not waste the more expensive chip keys.
*Key Programming not available on all models, some require pin from dealer (Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Nissan, Infinity). Some dealers will give you a key code and/or pin with registration/proof of ownership at little to no cost. early toyota systems require ecu pull and flash if it is difficult there may be an extra $25 charge which will be made known up front or you can pull and reinstall the module to avoid added charge due to the price of the toyota h chip keys there will be an added $5 charge the key has an H marked on it in most cases.. Key fobs will not be integrated in to key. Prices are for keys without remotes or any other features not required to start vehicle
Now offering sidewinder/laser type keys, not all makes and models are available. Currently Toyota, Lexus, Gm Honda, Acura, some VW, some Audi Hyundai, Kia, and Ford,  brands are available.Payment will be collected upon completion.
Home Re-Key includes 2 keys, additional keys can be requested and may cost extra.
Re-key and car key generation are by appointment only.
Prices are all inclusive. Payment will be due upon completion of work. It is assumed that your payment is inaccessible at  point of commencement. Payment is taken when job is completed to customers satisfaction or upon cancellation after job has already started. If job cannot be completed due to our error you will not be charged. We accept cash or card only for payment of services. Fees will be assessed for any returned payments or chargebacks.